AMD Zen FX CPU Product Release Set For Q4 2016 –APUs Coming In 2017 With Comparable Performance To The PS4 And XBOX ONE
AMDZen FX 处理器将于2016年4季度发布,APU于2017年到来,性能可媲美PS4 与 XBOX ONE

Today’s update comes after we have finally managed to confirm through sources exclusive to WCCFTech when AMD plans to release its latest inception to the market. We’ve learned that AMD’s planning to debut Zen based desktop FX CPUs by Q4 2016, just in timefor the holiday season. While Zen based APUs are expected to debut at a later date in 2017.
在我们最终证实了本网站的独家消息源提供的关于Zen的发布时间后,做了今天的更新。我们获悉AMDZen FX 处理器将于2016年4季度发布,赶上了假期,APU于2017年到来

we’ve managed to learn about a number of additional interesting tidbits as well. There are several SKUs planned based onthe Zen CPU die, with 8, 6 and 4 cores with the possibility of even higher core counts later on. The Zen core itself is surprisingly compact and power efficient. The CPU die itself isn’t particularly large and the Zen FX CPUs will target mainstream price points in which they will compete very aggressively with their upcoming Intel counterparts.Zen FX CPUs willdebut with a brand new chipset on socket AM4
我们也搞到了更多的信息,Zen 处理器器有几个型号,将会有8, 6 与 4 核心版本的,后期可能还会出更多核心版本。Zen核心非常紧凑并且高能效。核心不是很大,定位在主流价格,将会猛烈地与intel的相应产品死磕!处理器将采用AM4接口


Moving over to the APU and server side of the Zen equation. APUs and enterprise products based onthe new Zen microarchitecture are planned for release sometime in2017. We’ve also learned of a particularly exciting piece of informationabout AMD’s next generation APUs and that they will boast performance levelsthat are comparable with the Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE, even inside frugal notebook chips.
One other exciting tidbit is that AMD is working on a Zen based APU with on-package stacked high bandwidth memorythat’s planned for release in 2017. However, whether all Zen based APUs &future iterations will feature HBM is not something that were able to confirm.
现在谈谈APU与Zen服务 器,基于Zen微架构的APU与企业级产品预计于2017年发布。我们也获悉令人兴奋的消息,APU性能可媲美PS4 与 XBOX ONE,即使在局限性较大的笔记本中。另外一个激动的信息就是AMD正在将HBM显存用在2017年发布、基于Zen微架构的APU。但是,是否所有 APU都有HBM还没得到有确认。

In addition to SMT, Zen also features a new high-bandwidth low latency cache system. A vital improvement over the previous generation of cores. Since subpar cacheperformance was one of the primary pitfalls of AMD’s Bulldozer CPUmicroarchitecture. The new CPU core is designed for and will be manufactured on an advanced FinFET process. Which would allow the CPU core to scale from low power mobile applications to high performance desktop and enterprise markets. In previous leaks,the platform will be based on the new AM4 socket which will be shared with AMD’s upcoming Excavator based 7th generation APUs.
除了采用SMT,Zen处理器还采用 了新的高带宽、低延迟的缓存。这是比前代核心显著的提升之处。缓存子系统使得推土机架构饱受诟病。Zen将采用FinFET制程,这使得Zen处理器可以 覆盖从低功耗的笔记本到高性能的桌面与企业级产品。根据以前透露的信息,zen处理器的AM4平台也兼容第七代挖掘机APU

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